Dr. Alessandro Sorrenti

Assistant Professor
(Professor Lector)

James Nicholas

Doctoral Student (with ChemInFlow group)

Martí Sanz Mir

Research Scientist

Dec 2022 – Present

Working on Project: Solvent Recovery from waste generated during Liposome production (SolReLip)

Previously: TFG Student
Oct 2020 – Jan 2021
Controlled growth of MOF crystals under microgravity mimicking conditions using microfluidic environments

Julia in the lab

Júlia Soler Vilà

Master (TFM) Student 

Feb 2023 – Present

María Camacho Molina

Bachelor (TFG) Student 

Feb 2023 – Present

Former Supervised Students (UB)

Sara Battista

Visting Postdoctoral Researcher 

University of L'Aquila

Guillem González Garcia

Bachelor (TFG) Student 

Oct 2022 – Jan 2023

Development of a porphyrin-based porous Supramolecular
Polymer Network for dissipative self-assembly

Lídia de Gregorio Perpiñá​

Master (TFM) Student 

Feb 2022 – July 2022

Dissipative self-assembly of porous supramolecular
materials based on Metal-Organic Cages

Maria Murcia Peña

Bachelor (TFG) Student 

Feb 2022 – July 2022

Studying dissipative steady-states in a DNA-based receptor system

Javier Ciudad Moreno

Bachelor (TFG) Student 

Oct 2021 – Jan 2022

Synthesis of functionalized Metal-Organic Cages (MOCs) as building blocks for the preparation of porous supramolecular materials

Gemma Llauradó Capdevila

Bachelor (TFG) Student 

Feb 2021 – July 2021

Development of a redox active colloidal system for dissipative self-assembly

Former Supervised Students (last 5 years)

Name Position Institution Period
Semih Sevim
Doctoral Student
ETH Zürich
Lewis Jones
Masters Student
ETH Zürich
Jorge Leira Iglesias
Doctoral Student
ISIS Strasbourg