Project in collaboration with Reig Jofre commences!

The NESSA Lab logo on the left, Reig Jofre logo on the right. Below is the acronym SolReLip in green, orange and blue

We’re pleased to announce that work on our project entitled “Solvent Recovery from waste generated during Liposome production (SolReLip)” has begun!

This project is a collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Reig Jofre, which aims to develop a lab-scale method to recover organic solvents such as ethanol from the aqueous organic waste generated in the laboratory production of liposome formulations. We will work to ensure that the recovered solvents meet the pharmacopoeia purity requirements, which will enable them to be recycled during the manufacturing process, enhancing the sustainability of such processes.

Our previous TFG student Marti Sanz Mir will be responsible for carrying out the research under supervision from Alessandro. We look forward to a successful collaboration!